Galloway challenges “the renegade Rushdie”; threatens to appear daily on US TV [update]

I’ve been trying to wean myself from posting about the increasingly irrelevant George Galloway, but here’s just one more. (I can quit any time I want…)

IBN reports:

The revolutions sweeping the Arab world trash the myth that people living in the Islamic world have different needs, believes controversial Indian-origin author Salman Rushdie, who calls it an important lesson to be learnt from the Arab Spring. Rushdie said the spirit behind the Arab uprisings was not religious, but guided by the basic needs of freedom and choice. “It’s an old-fashioned revolution: It’s about jobs and freedom. What it shows is that people everywhere want the same thing. The idea that Islamic culture is different, that Islamic people want different things — garbage. The fact that there was hardly anything religious about the uprisings is a lesson to be learnt from the Arab Spring, he told The Times. “Everybody wants the same thing: to be free, to choose their own futures, to feel that there is a future. This is universal,” he said. He was also critical of what he called “the cultural relativist mistake” of the UK, regarding tolerance of religious extremism. “The mistake is to think that this is their culture and you’ve got to let them have it; at the lunatic fringes you get people like George Galloway, and a tolerance for what ought to be intolerable. “But the problem is the mainstream acceptance of his relativist argument; and I think that’s dangerous,” he said.

Galloway tweeted in apparent response:

I challenge the renegade Rushdie to a public debate on Islamic extremism. Come & have a go sneaky Salman- if you’ve got the moral fibre!

The cry of a man desperately trying to avoid fading from public attention?

(Hat tip: Adam Holland)

Update: I refuse to believe this. Or I’ll believe it when I see it:

Former MP, George Galloway, has revealed in his Daily Record column that he has landed a five-days-a-week television presenting job in America.

Subject agreeing financial terms, the Scottish politician wrote earlier this week: “ I am going to present The George Galloway Daily Show, bringing to two the number of Scots presenting daily shows on American TV (the other being East Kilbride’s finest, Craig Ferguson, aka Bing Hitler).

“Of course, Piers Morgan, who took over from Larry King on CNN, is a third from Britain. Not since Shea Stadium and the Beatles has there been an invasion like it.”

Does anyone know more? I may have to pull an Elvis on my TV.