Bringing racism to book

Imagine if a person were to march purposefully into a London library – perhaps the Camden one – and accost the librarian thus:

“I cannot seem to find any books explaining the negative impact of African immigration on European Civilisation. Perhaps you could order a book called “Are Blacks Destroying Britain?”. Here are the publisher’s details.”

Now imagine that the librarian agreed, and within a week or two the book was on the library shelf.

Fast forward a few years and the book is still there. It is found by a black grandmother scanning the shelves for something to read. She objects, but is fobbed off with the excuse that the librarian who ordered the book no longer works there. They apologise to her, but she feels the issue is bigger than that and wants to take it further. When challenged, local councilors responsibly for overseeing he library service refuse to discuss the matter. The national media isn’t interested.

Let’s face it, it’s unimaginable. Were such a book to be found on the shelves of a British library, there would – rightly – be an almighty stink.

That is, unless you altered one detail: the book was about Jews. Then, it seems, local politicians and journalists can’t see what all the fuss is about. Here’s the story (from London24, because apart from the Jewish Chronicle, no one else thought it was worth covering):

Grandmother Gillian Freedman was left shaking after she spotted the offensive item entitled ‘Are Jews Responsible for 9/11’ in the library.

She raised the matter with Camden Council and the head of library services. Both have apologised by email and admitted that is was an error.

But Ms Freedman is upset that Cllr Jonathan Simpson, the new chairman of the overview and scrutiny committee for culture and environment, has refused to discuss the matter at a public meeting.

Ms Freedman, who lives in Hampstead Garden Suburb, is concerned that the emails could be deleted and that it needs to be recorded in public.

She said: “With Camden’s anti racist, anti discrimination policies in the borough – which I applaud – it is a complete shock and disgrace to find that they have spent our rates on a blatantly anti-Semitic tract.

So, what’s this book about?

Here is the ‘Product Description’ courtesy of

ARE ENGLISH JEWS RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11? AN EXAMINATION OF THE HISTORY, PROBLEMS, AND CAUSES is a timely book for understanding Global Terrorism. In a daring foray into examining causes for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States of America, Devdas Pradesh dives into a difficult question that has not yet been asked in a serious way. Were English Jews somehow a contributing cause for the 9/11 attacks on New York City and Washington, DC? In the process of addressing the question, Pradesh tackles interesting aspects of English Jewish history and experience. Particularly insightful is Pradesh’s discussion of the development of Jewish self-understanding on individual and communal levels within the Jewish communities in England in light of the larger, global context of Jewish history. This book is informative and provides much food for thought and discussion. Anyone who has any interest in the causes of 9/11 cannot go without reading this book. This book can be used as a source of discussion in book reading clubs, high school settings, and church settings. This book can also be used to complement college level courses on Terrorism, Conflict in the Middle East, Jewish Studies, and History.

Hang on a minute? We got that from Amazon? Why yes! They stock three editions, hard cover, paperback and Kindle eBook. Amazon stock a wide range of titles from the racist fringe publishers, The Hermit Kingdom Press.

So does Tesco!

Including this one: Why I Hate Israel.

Here’s an extract from the publisher’s blurb:

“Shocking!! But a very important book especially in light of War on Terrorism!” Why I Hate Israel: A Candid Account is a fresh look at the Jewish-Arabic Conflict in light of current trends in human rights laws and ethics. Priya Gandhi-Ganesh is particularly insightful in identifying troubling elements that are impediments to peace and human progress in the Middle East and on the global scene. Gandhi-Ganesh effortlessly draws together examples and anecdotes to highlight her points. At the end of the book, the reader will most likely find herself empathizing with Gandhi-Ganesh’s sentiments. Even if the readers does not, she will certainly feel more enlightened about the realities of the Jewish-Arabic Conflict in today’s Post-September 11th World. Perhaps, the most refreshing aspect of this book is the explicitly stated position that the author hates Israel. Gandhi-Ganesh argues from Hinduism, Christianity, International Human Rights, and ethics why her hatred is justified and even encouraged.

So, a book explaining why hatred of Israel is justified and to be encouraged in a post 9/11 world can be bought from everyone’s favourite supermarket. You can earn club-card points while learing that :

“What is so evil about Israel? Israel is evil because it has a racist ideology. Zionism from the start was an ideology that was meant to be racist. And Zionism is still very alive…”

Or how about this one: “Why Saying Jesus Is A Jew Hurts Jews: A Readable Examination of Socio-Religious Factors”

Irish argues that stating that Jesus Christ is a Jew will push historical processes such as the violent pogroms that Jews experienced in Russia and the Holocaust that Jews experienced in Europe.

And yes, it too is available from Amazon (Gift-wrap available) and Tesco (RRP £8.99, Our Price £8.54).

In the preface to the book “Are British Jews Responsible for 9/11” (available to read on Amazon via their ‘look inside‘ facility), the author explains that the USA’s response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (supposedly the dropping of an A-bomb) was disproportionate and genocidal. What would the Americans do – you can hear the author ejaculating between the lines – if they believed the Jews were behind 9/11?

So there you have it folks – books about how evil the Jews are, from a fringe conspiracy-nut publisher, found their way into public libraries, supermarkets and major online retailers in Britain.