“Amina”: I said I wanted to kill all Jews and Christians

by Joseph W

Read this:

On another list, I once shot off some ill spoken words when another member posited a scenario where the US had started a nuclear war to eliminate both Islam and the Arab nation and Damascus had been evaporated. I said, if I were in the US, I’d load up my gun and go out to shoot any Christian or Jew I saw. Harsh words … and said in anger but that’s the kind of talk first, think later person I am

Do you utter genocidal threats when you get angry on the internet?

It’s an odd thing to say.

You see, Tom MacMaster is making a big deal of this “progressive voice” he has created.

But even his “Amina” voice sounds totally kooky.

While you’re there, have a read about how Bin Laden’s mass murder on 9/11 helped “Amina” to come out as gay.