Tom MacMaster on the “emblematic” & “photogenic” female

by Joseph W

Tom MacMaster in 2006:

An open letter to those trying to establish an ongoing pro-Palestine movement in metro-Atlanta.

To those who are trying,

As one of the people involved in establishing the original Atlanta Palestine Solidarity, I’m really excited to see that a ‘new’ generation is trying to do the same. A lot of mistakes were made in the previous incarnation that doomed it to failure. By listing some of these, hopefully, those same errors won’t be repeated.

Here are a few:


2. Privileging blue-eyed, blonde young women’s deaths. APS spent far too much time discussing Rachel Corrie. While tragic, this is one single case of many and by using her as emblematic, the organizations that do so suggest that the death of a photogenic upperclass American female is more significant than that of Palestinians.

Tom MacMaster in 2011:

Reality isn’t photogenetic enough, after all.

He knew what he was doing.

UPDATE by Alan A

Tokyo Nambu in the thread below posts some poetry by “Amina”/Tom MacMaster, who writes, solely for artistic and political reasons:

My sex to your sex
Grinding in time
With sounds of the City
Stretched out below

Up on the rooftop
Our bodies entwined
You’re slick with my sweat
And the savor of your salt’s on my skin

The sun on my shoulders
My shadow across your breasts
Rising, falling with your breath
Calling my name, they beckon

My sex and your sex
We slip and we turn
Embracing and kissing
Tongues to our folds

Jasmine’s on the warm breeze
And the scent of the rivers
Mixed with diesel, orange trees,
The spices and grilled meats

We push and we pant
Your sex is so soaking
I delve and devour
And mine it is shaking

Your lips sweetest embrace.
We shout and we shudder
Over carhorns and shouts
And join in with fervor

As the thundering call
Echoes from above us
And we shout out together
God, God is Greater!

But I testify this
Nothing is sweeter
Than the message that goes
Your sex to my sex

Tom MacMaster also writes, again solely for political and artistic reasons:

Side by side, we are lying here

Our fingers entwined,

Our lips are open

My feet are touching yours,

Our desires reflected in each other

Our bare bodies, so much alike

My eyes are dark

– and so are yours

Your hair is dark

– and so is mine

My hips are smooth

– and so are yours

Your heart is pounding

– and so is mine

My breasts are small

– and so are yours

Your sex is soaking

– and so is mine

My desire is strong

– and so is yours

The wanting never ends,

The fire rages through both

Even as we lie motionless

We sigh as one

We look as one

And so become one

Tongues?  Folds?

More “poetry”

I lie here throughout the night
With lustful dreams of her
And then my womb delights
with thought of touching hers
Like moistened silk against my lips
And honey on my tongue
To clamber through her garden
And find her perfect rose
And on her well curved hips
Or upon her pointed breasts
My mind sits and then my heart skips
With uttter joy and dreaming I
Touch and taste her silkiness
And feel her pressed to me
We rock our hips as one in time
And I fall back completed in her arms

Even worse!

We were playing our usual late night games and were both just about totally nude. These had been progressing slowly over the past few months; at first, we just kissed and kissed, then one time, Lori had kissed down my neck and pulled off my shirt and kissed my nearly non-existent breasts while blood had rushed through me … and I’d done the same. And we kept pushing the boundaries farther, touching and kissing and holding each other.
That night, I recall, she had straddled me and stripped me while we kissed … and, when I was naked, Lori had slid a few fingers inside me and, as she was getting pretty good at it by then, had me really turned on; I was a woman in love and was lying nude entwined with my lover in her bedroom, having sex, even if I couldn’t have stated any of that clearly then.
“I want to try something new,” I whispered to Lori and got her to lie flat on her back.
I started kissing her breasts, then down her soft belly, and, then, at last, went down on her. Obviously, I was utterly inexperienced but she really seemed to like it … after about ten minutes of my kissing, sucking, licking her, she was shaking and shuddering, pulling my hair and moaning … it was the first time I’d seen a woman orgasm and, I think, was probably her first time, too. I thought she was more beautiful than ever … and I was touching myself like crazy and came about as close as I could come then to crazy. I nearly thought her thighs would crush me at one point but I’d never been happier – and, when we were both through, we lay for a long, long time just holding each other…

And then he woke up.