Press TV: Peter Mandelson is a ‘Jewish politician with an obvious Zionist mindset’

This is a cross-post from Just Journalism.

Last month, Ofcom ruled against Press TV, a British-based news channel which is regarded as having strong ties to the Iranian government.  Just Journalism covered how the body, which regulates radio and television in the UK, upheld a complaint of ‘unfair treatment and unwarranted infringement of privacy’ after the channel aired a staged interview with a journalist from an Iranian prison following his arrest by the regime.

In the wake of the ruling, Press TV has responded by repeatedly attacking the regulatory body, insinuating that it is controlled by ‘pro-Zionist’ elements. In the latest example, an article on its website cites Peter Mandelson – a ‘Jewish politician with an obvious Zionist mindset’ – as proof of Ofcom’s unsavoury connections.

UK hell bent on silencing PressTV: Poll’ cites a new survey conducted by the outlet, claiming that, of the 6605 people polled:

‘…77.82 percent of participants stated that the primary objective behind the UK government’s intensifying pressure on the Iranian news network was to silence the broadcaster because it sheds light on the dark side of British policies within and outside its borders.’

The article defends Press TV against Ofcom’s ruling over the coverage of Maziar Bahari, the journalist who was arrested in Iran and then interviewed by Press TV in prison under duress. It continues to argue that an examination of the ‘senior decision makers’ at Ofcom:

‘…demonstrates that the regulator is mostly made up of former Channel 4 and BBC executives, some of whom are well-linked to and influenced by powerful pro-Zionist politicians.’

The only example given of such an individual is Peter Mandelson, who is described as the ‘economic planner’ of the Labour party:

‘Colette Bowe, the 63-year old OFCOM chairperson, is reportedly paid £200,000 a year to coordinate the body’s different committees. Bowe enjoyed the exclusive support of Peter Mandelson, the main economic planner of the Labour party who is a Jewish politician with an obvious Zionist mindset.’

In 2003, Mandelson stated that, ‘Apart from the fact that I am not actually Jewish, I wear my father’s parentage with pride.’

Alec Macph adds: Given that threads now are archived, I thought it prudent to bring attention to a promise by Flying Rodent.

I will walk round Holyrood Park twice in my boxers if Press TV manage to bring a successful challenge against Ofcom under the Human Rights Act. You’re all witnesses.