Junaid Ahmed, Hamas Heroes, and London Citizens

Junaid Ahmed has served as a “youth co-ordinator” of the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), the East London-based Islamist group. He is also a trustee of the Islamic Forum Trust, a registered charity of the IFE.

Have a look at him in the video below in a speech titled “Heroes of Palestine”. He means Hamas. In fact, Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas is “our leader”, he says.

My brothers and sisters, the fifth quality we see in our heroes in Palestine are showing is that their imaan [faith] is increasing, not decreasing. Their imaan is increasing as our leader Ismail Haniyeh said, that we find that every verse that we read now, it’s as if the verse is being revealed now. And today it’s as if we haven’t read these verses any time before. And this is a quality of the believers, as Allah says: “Those who believe, their faith is increased, and they do rejoice in Allah.” Those who have faith, their imaan increases, and this is what we see amongst our brothers and sisters.

He is a very big fan. His whole speech is a party political broadcast for Hamas where he hails the terrorist group’s fighters and leaders as examples for all Muslims to follow.

In a reference to the Gaza war, which was being fought at the time, Ahmed says:

Every single [Palestinian] resistance fighter is an example for all of us to follow.

This is about the obligations of Islam:

Brothers and sisters, Allah says that these kinds of atrocities and aggression will take place. But there will be some heroes that will always who stand up and resist the aggression. As Allah says, in a very powerful verse:

“Among the believers are men who have been true to the covenant with Allah. Of them some have fulfilled their obligations and some are still waiting.” Just the way we see in Gaza today. But they have never changed their beliefs. They have not changed their will. And this is what we find in Gaza today. Some have passed away. But others are still waiting and never moving from their position, protecting the land of Islam.

He then goes on to hail Hamas founder and leader Ahmed Yassin as a “hero”.

The “steadfastness” of Hamas, as exemplified by Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal, is something Ahmed finds particularly admirable:

First of all, steadfast in their struggle. Only yesterday Khaled Meshaal said that before engaging in talks Israel will have no [unintelligible], Israel will have to end its military campaign in Gaza and pull out its troops, lift the 18 month siege it imposed on Gaza, and open the Rafah crossing. Even though they have been under bombardment. Many killed and thousands wounded. Even then they have still stuck to their demand and said “this is what we want, and until we get this we will keep our struggle and our resistance strong”. And they have shown istiqama [steadfastness].

The son of Hamas leader Nizar Rayyan, who was killed during the Gaza war, is another hero:

And this is why this steadfastness is shown by many of the Palestinians. Such as the son of the Sheikh Nizar Rayyan. After 11 members of his family passed away he was in the front line. One of the sons of Sheikh Nizar Rayyan, who is actually a scholar of Islam, a professor of sharia [Islamic law]. His son is in the front lines. And when the brothers said “11 members of your family have passed away, go and receive the condolences”, what does his son say? He said “no, I will stay in the front lines”, even though 11 members of his family passed away. He’s still in the front lines, resisting the occupation.

Rayyan is the man who reportedly refused to let his family take shelter during the war. He had a very simple line on Jews:

“Our only language with the Jew is through the gun,” he declared, calling for a renewal of suicide bombings and vowing to kidnap any Israeli ground forces who dared to enter Gaza.

Paradise is the reward for Ahmed’s heroes:

Two of the brothers [presumably Hamas fighters] were going to the front lines when their mothers said “have some food before you go into the front lines of Gaza City”. They said “our food is waiting for us in paradise”. This is a story that is coming from Gaza today, just like the stories of the sahabas [companions of the prophet]. And we say with our words: our sacrifice, our living and our dying, everything is for Allah, but they are demonstrating that with their action.

Junaid Ahmed is also deputy chair and a trustee of London Citizens. It is a group of self-appointed “community organisers” that has long promoted the East London Mosque and smeared critics of the mosque’s appalling record of hosting and defending extremists. Ahmed represents the East London Mosque at London Citizens.

London Citizens have seen a video showing the majority of Ahmed’s speech.

What do they make of it? This surreal line sums it up:

As soon as The Jewish Chronicle made us aware of Mr Ahmed’s comments made in 2009 at a public meeting in east London we sought immediately to investigate his remarks. Our Lead Organiser, Development Director, several colleagues and a Trustee have studied Mr Ahmed’s Speech at some length.

They take the clear view that he neither promotes or condones terrorism, nor expresses support for any proscribed organization in what he said in that Speech.

It is idiots like the leaders of London Citizens who make London a place where extremists prosper.

Even if you hail a string of Hamas leaders, they will deny reality on your behalf and keep you on board.