Israel,  Wingnuttery

Please, no…

Glenn Beck announces plans to hold a “Restoring Courage” rally in Jerusalem in August.

On his radio show, Beck immediately started in on the hyperbole. After discussing the details of the event, Beck warned his followers that “the very gates of hell are gonna open up against us” and declared, “I believe we live in historic times. I believe historians will remember what we do and what we say.”

Restoring Courage will be “the same kind of feel that you experienced” at Restoring Honor, Beck said, “except I will tell you: much more profound. This is a life-changing, life-altering event.” Beck even said that the rally would “define” its participants: “This will be a — I think, a pinnacle moment in your life. It will define you. In the end, this event will define you.” Beck continued the hyperbole on his TV show today, paraphrasing the Gettysburg Address to say that at his rally in Jerusalem, “possibly for the first time in man’s history, God will remember and make note of what we do there.”

Of course Israel must be defended against its enemies. But I can’t help thinking that Israel sometimes needs to be protected in a different way from some of its wackier “friends,” both Jewish and gentile.

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