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Amnesty’s Claudia Milani and “Our Fearless Captain”

Here is “peace activist” Vittorio Arrigoni with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. Aren’t they happy.

Here is a picture from Arrigoni’s Facebook account. It shows a shop window in Jordan. The sign reads “Sorry we do not receive dogs and Israelis”.

Arrigoni’s comment is this:

It may be excessive, but if Palestinians cannot get out, why should entrance be conceded to Israelis?

Here is Arrigoni with Claudia Milani. She works for Amnesty International. Her position has been reported as “Israel / Occupied Territories Co-ordinator of the Italian section of Amnesty International”.

Milani and Arrigoni were very close. So close that she has been described in the Italian media as “Arrigoni’s girlfriend”.

Here she “receives condolences” for Arrigoni in Gaza. The man at the end of the row appears to be violent thug and lunatic Ken O’Keefe, a comrade of Arrigoni.

Milani certainly thought very highly of Arrigoni, as you can see in numerous comments from her on Arrigoni’s Facebook pages. Here, for example, she asks people to send money to Arrigoni, calling him “our fearless captain”.

You will also find her singing his praises again on the “no dogs, no Israelis” page. She blames Israeli “apartheid” for hatred in Jordan and charges Israel with committing “genocide” against the Palestinian people.

So an Amnesty employee responsible for Israeli-Palestinian affairs was a big fan of a fanatical Israel hater who was happy to smile for the cameras with the leader of Hamas.

Well done Amnesty.

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