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Amnesty’s Memorial and Tribute in Honour of Juliano Mer-Khamis

Amnesty is holding a “A Memorial and Tribute in Honour of Juliano Mer-Khamis“.

The co-organisers of the event are the SOAS Palestine Society, Palestine Film Foundation, and JNews. JNews an anti-Israeli website which is the present incarnation of Independent Jewish Voices. The SOAS Palestine Society recently put on a film, in which an Imam recited the following prayer:

Allah is the greatest.
He who thanks Allah will be rewarded.
Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on the Jews. (Amen.)
Please Allah, kill them all…
And don’t leave any of them alive. (Amen.)
Oh Allah, with your great power. Allah!
We are asking you with your infinite power, dear Allah. Allah!
Please dear Allah, take revenge for our martyrs’ blood. Allah!
Please Allah, get rid of the Jews.
Bring them down.
They are not as powerful as you.
Please Allah, make the earth shake and destroy the pillars of their civilisation.
Please Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts.
Oh Allah disperse them so they become lost once again.
Oh Allah, show us a sign.
Oh Allah, surprise them in a way they don’t expect.
Oh Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts.

Mer-Khamis is often misdescribed as a peace activist. Amnesty is aware that this is not so, however:

The murder on 4 April of activist Juliano Mer-Khamis has been received with shock and disbelief by all those who knew him and his work. The son of a Jewish mother and a communist Palestinian-Christian father, Juliano is best known for his work with the children of Jenin refugee camp and for his cultural resistance activism.

Here’s a New York Times article on some of the “cultural resistance activism” that Mer-Khamis’ actors got up to:

During this period, some of the budding actors became hardened fighters; many others died.

The youngest of them joined Islamic Jihad and was killed in a clash with Israeli soldiers. His brother, known as the joker of the group, went on a suicide mission with a friend, fatally shooting four women in the Israeli town of Hadera before police officers gunned them down. A third led a group of militants and was killed.

Today, the core of the Freedom Theater staff and its supporters say they do not oppose armed struggle and that the Palestinians may resist the Israeli occupation by all means.

I don’t know about you, but I really hate shows with “audience participation”, don’t you?

Mer-Khamis’ activism was directed at the integration of the State of Israel into a larger Arab state, in which Jews would be guests:

“I’m in favor of a single Palestinian state from the river to the sea,” he said at the same press conference. “If the Jews want to live with us, ahlan wasahlan (welcome).”

As his own murder demonstrates, such a “One State” solution is an impossibility. Jews, even those who like Mer-Khamis were close to senior Al Aqsa Martys Brigade commanders, would be slaughtered in such a state.

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