Iran,  Syria

Who could it be?

Tehran Bureau reports:

Ahmad Mousavi, Iran’s ambassador to Syria, described the demonstrations in that country as “sedition” planned by the “enemy.” Mousavi (no relation to Mir Hossein Mousavi) said that the Syrian sedition is a copy of the sedition that took place in Iran in 2009. The hardliners refer to the Green Movement as “sedition,” after Supreme Leader Khamenei introduced the epithet. Mousavi added, “The enemy used the slogan ‘No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, I’ll die for Iran’ in 2009 [on the Day of Ashura], and now it uses ‘No to Hezbollah, no to Iran’ in Syria. This goes to show that the source of both slogans is one and the same.”

Gee, I wonder who this mysterious source is?

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