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Then and Now

April 1994, ten Belgium peacekeepers with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda are killed by Rwandan Army soliders in Kigali. This was some three months after Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire (United Nations Force Commander in Rwanda) had warned Major General Maurice Baril (military attaché to a man responsible for major arms sales to Rwanda the UN Secretary General) of such plots. Permission to raid known arms caches was refused.

On returning to Belgium, comrades of the dead soldiers remove their blue berets and spit upon them.

April 2011, following the killings of four armed UN guards and three unarmed relief workers in Mazar al-Sharif:

Earlier, the head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (Unama), Staffan de Mistura, said during a visit to Mazar-e Sharif that the only person who could be blamed for the violence was the American pastor.

“I don’t think we should be blaming any Afghan. We should be blaming the person who produced the news – the one who burned the Koran. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from offending culture, religion, traditions.”

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