A Tariq Ramadan conundrum

This is a guest post by Ari.

On 9 April, the Law Society is hosting a conference on “Diversity – Embracing change”. Among other things, this breakout session is scheduled:

Human Rights – Politics of Fear – A European Phenomena?
A breakout session to discuss the law and politics of national security featuring prominent international speakers giving the benefit of their experiences in their respective countries and in particular the European response to issues of national security, diversity, multiculturalism and the separation of ‘church and state’. The objective will be to define the state’s legitimate role (in whatever form) to promote cultural integrity and the freedom of its citizens whilst protecting national interests without directly/indirectly instilling fear in its citizens with ‘terror’ laws.
Chair: Ismet Rawat, Member Association of Muslim Lawyers
Panel: Abid Mahmood, Head of Immigration, No 5 Chambers; Professor Tariq Ramadam, Contemporary Islamic Studies at Oxford University; Courtney Griffiths QC, Joint Head of Chambers, Garden Court.

Your starter for 10: what will Tariq Ramadan say about issues of diversity, multiculturalism and the separation of ‘church and state’?

Here are some pointers from some of his* critics.

* Do a word search for his name. You’ll see what I’m getting at.

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