Libya,  Stoppers

SU and Galloway vs. the people of Misurata

In the comments to a Socialist Unity post about how George Galloway “destroyed” a BBC interviewer in a discussion on events in Libya, Mondobo writes:

I’ve just spoken with one of my students in the UK and to his father, who is in Misurata.

At about 2 o’clock local time yesterday afternoon, Gaddafi’s forces started randomly mortaring and shelling civilian areas. They then attempted to target oil and petrochemical targets in and around the port, but failed to hit anything specific. They did this using incendiary devices that when they missed, started fires in civilian area.

Many people have been killed.

After failing to hit any of the petro-targets, they went back to random shelling. This has continued for most of today. During the conversation, I could hear the explosions.

The message from Ibrahim and his father is please, please, hit the artillery that is doing this.

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