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Free Speech for Loonies at UCL

Here is an event which may interest some of this blog’s readers:

In the first event of its kind, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) in conjunction with UCL Union Islamic Society (UCLU Isoc) will hold a Conference to explore discourses surrounding extremism on campus, narrate grassroots experiences and generate informed debate – bringing together experts, the sector and students. One year on from the alleged UCL-Detroit-Bomber incident, and following the release of key reports (including the Universities UK report on academic freedom and the independent Caldicott inquiry report) the event is timely.

The conference entitled “radical thinking – between extremes of freedom and security on campus” will be held at UCL on Friday 11th March 2011 and will be part of UCL Union’s One World Week initiative with this year’s theme focusing on freedom of speech and censorship.

FOSIS is an Islamist agitation outfit with a long record of defending and promoting extremists. One of its men, Qasim Rafiq, was a close friend of future pants bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab when he was at UCL. Wonderful lad when Qasim knew him, of course, unlike those nasty people from SO15 who investigated the UCL section of his trail after his attempt at mass murder over Detroit.

Here are the panellists:

Jamie Bartlett – Demos
Dr Abdul Bari MBE – formerly Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain
Elizabeth Ammon – Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Head of Preventing Violent Extremism
Dr Julian Richards – Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, University of Buckingham
David Knowles – Association of Chief Police Officers, Prevent Education Liaison
Dame Fiona Caldicott – formerly Principal of Somerville College, Oxford
Professor Marie Breen-Smyth – Chair in International Politics, University of Surrey
Mehri Niknam MBE, Joseph Interfaith Foundation
Ben Whittaker – NUS (Vice-President of Welfare)
Professor Gwen Griffith Dickson – Lokahi Foundation (Director)
Nabil Ahmed – Federation of Student Islamic Societies (President)

One can certainly expect whitewashes of extremism on campus from some of the people on that list.

Which is handy when UCL’s own Islamic society is in need of a great deal of whitewashing. The pants bomber was its president. When he was a student at the university, it hosted all sorts of horrific hate preachers. The most popular by the number of appearances was Murtaza “jihad is great” Khan, one of the worst in the country.

The society is still on form. Next Tuesday it will welcome loony tunes thug Ken O’Keefe. The society calls him a “human rights activist”. He will speak on “Global Revolution in the Arab World”.

Have a look at him here on Iran’s RePress TV, hosted by Yvonne Ridley, maintaining that the sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, and 9/11 were all dastardly American plots.

Israel was of course involved in 9/11, the “be all, end all of manipulation”:

To buy into the notion that Osama bin Laden and 19 hijackers are responsible for this event is the height of lunacy. It is the most ridiculous conspiracy of all and it is the excuse for this so-called war on terror, which is in fact a war of terror, committing state-sponsored terrorism to the tune of one million dead Iraqis and counting, millions of orphans, and millions of refugees. Never mind Afghanistan and now attacking Pakistan as well.

[Another guest asks] Who is responsible?

Absolutely inside job. The US government and intelligence agencies, including Mossad, including the Mossad agents who were in Liberty Park, who were told to go and capture the event on cameras and admitted to it in Tel Aviv on Israeli television. They obviously had foreknowledge of the event. The Israelis and the Americans. They could not have done it without the government and the inside job that was required.

Here he is again on RePress TV, painting Israel as a Nazi state and issuing threats to Jews worldwide:

Let us lay blame and responsibility accordingly here. I want to ask all the Jewish people of this world, I want to ask you, does Israel represent you? Is Israel synonymous with Judaism? Because if Israel is synonymous with Judaism, then you as a people are a threat to every, every ounce of decency in humanity that exists. I would like to think, and I sure hope, that Judaism is not synonymous with the Israeli state. But it is now a responsibility, as it was for the decent Germans of pre-World War II Nazi Germany, just like the so-called decent Germans who did not speak out and do what they needed to do, prevent the rise of Hitler, it is now on you, the Jewish people of the world, to speak up, now, and condemn all of these acts of racism, of mass murder that the Israeli state that purports to represent you, to speak out now. You have a special burden.

So, students at a prestigious university want to hear from a mad thug who spouts conspiracy theories and threatens Jews.

Not to worry. I am sure Malcolm Grant will sort all this out. He is ever so superior and sophisticated, don’t you know.

What induced this behaviour remains a mystery. He has not emerged from a background of deprivation and poverty. He came from one of Nigeria’s wealthiest families. He was privately educated, and to a high level. He gained admission to University College London, where he studied mechanical engineering with business finance between 2005 and 2008, and was president of the UCL student Islamic Society in 2006-07.

The events of Christmas Day came as a complete shock to the UCL community. Those who taught him have described him as a well-mannered, quietly spoken, polite and able young man.

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