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On the Ethics of Using Fake Passports

The BBC reports:

A British diplomatic team who were detained in eastern Libya after landing there two days ago have been freed, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

The men are understood to have left Benghazi bound for Malta on board the Royal Navy frigate HMS Cumberland.

It is thought the team included six SAS soldiers escorting a diplomat who was making contact with opposition leaders.

Witnesses said the men were detained by rebels after arriving near Benghazi in a helicopter early on Friday morning.

They were held after going to an agricultural compound when Libyan security guards found they were carrying arms, ammunition, explosives, maps and passports from at least four different nationalities, witnesses told the BBC.

I suppose it is possible that the lads from the SAS simply came from four different countries. Perhaps they included Gurkhas and citizens of Commonwealth countries. Or, just possibly, these passports were fakes.

I don’t have a problem with our soldiers using forged passports, while undertaking military activities within Libya.

Does anybody?


The Telegraph report that the passports were fake.

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