Could Anyone Recommend a Good Mathematician to Shami Chakrabarti?

She certainly needs one to exponent away the log in her eye. The above footage from 2009 shows her on the verge of attracting small mammals as she denounces any complicity of the British Government in torture.

This is the text of a letter presented, in the same year, to a meeting of the Council of the LSE, which she sat through. It was from Fred Halliday, emeritus Professor of international relations who was warning against accepting a sizable donation from Saif Gaddafi for his PhD a shiny new wing.

Halliday’s concerns were rejected.

Behind The Times paywall, Chakarabarti expressed profound regret for her then unemotional attitude towards Libyan state torture:

The Director has been completely straight about his embarrassment. The council has been completely united in its regret. As a human rights campaigner I can only share bucketloads of both.

With Lent almost upon us, she could arrange to be shrivened, and resign from the Council and never ever, ever again call others less virtuous than she is when it comes to human rights.

Alternatively, she could feast on the pancakes of self-righteousness.

And that is a ridiculous hair-cut.

Hat-tip Judy in the comments.

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