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Labour No To AV launches

While the cross party No to AV campaign has been up and running for several months, Labour supporters now have a group of their own. The Labour No to AV campaign group is finally up and running.

I just wish they’d stay clear of the overall No To AV campaign’s terrible No to AV ads, which focus on the fact that the switch to the alternative vote will cost tax payers £250m.

I argued before that the ads are a serious misstep. The No campaign needs to focus on ideas. The argument should be about why people should vote no. Although to be fair the arguments against are all neatly spelt out on the Labour No To AV website .

These are the ideas that the that the No to AV campaign and the Labour No to AV campaign need to focus on. These are things that people need to understand.

The £250m figure might be big, but if AV had been the right system, instead of an unfair one that doesn’t bring proportional change, then you can’t really put a price on democracy.

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