Comedy Corner with Sir Howard Davies of the LSE

Via Just Journalism:

On Saturday, The Times reported that half of the board of the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics are supporters of the Boycotts, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) campaign against Israel – despite the centre having prominent financial links with several authoritarian Arab states, including Libya.

Today’s Times includes another article by Dominic Kennedy based on an interview with director of the LSE Sir Howard Davies. The piece focuses on Davies’ role in providing financial advice to the Libyan regime, as well as the controversy surrounding the various donations that the university has received from the country. Kennedy also quotes Davies defending the Middle East Centre from charges of hypocrisy, citing the fact that its biggest donor is Jewish:

‘Sir Howard defended the LSE’s new Middle East Centre, half of whose board support an academic boycott of Israel. “The biggest donor to the School in the past year is George Soros, who of course is of Jewish origin. We operate, I believe, a very balanced view.”’

Ho ho!

habibi adds: Who’s up next in the LSE Palestine Society’s parade of the grotesque? It’s journalist Alan Hart, tomorrow night at 6 PM at Clement House, Room D202.

This is how the society advertises his talk:

With his latest book, ZIonism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, Alan is in the frontline of the war for the truth of history, to explain the difference between Zionist propaganda and the documented facts and truth.

Oh, yes, the truth! Hart is indeed a tireless fighter on that front. Listen to him here telling the world what really happened on September 11. Of course it was Mossad and the CIA, manipulating poor hapless Arabs.

You can read more of Hart’s wisdom on Zionism and Jews on pages 35-36 of the CST’s Antisemitic Discourse report (pdf) of 2008.

It really is high time for Davies and other LSE leaders to start asking themselves some serious questions. That a number of students are so keen to hear from supporters of the Jew hating terrorists of Hamas is bad enough. Add in absurd troofers and you have a complete breakdown of intellectual integrity.