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Republicans’ hatred for unions now out in the open

The thin veneer hiding Republicans’ utter contempt for organized labor has dissolved in recent days.

Not only is there a GOP-led assault on collective bargaining rights for public employees in Wisconsin and Ohio. Now there’s this:

One hundred and seventy-six House Republicans voted to defund the National Labor Relations Board, effectively shutting it down until September. Although the defunding measure was defeated, what’s breathtaking about it is that those same Republicans opposed a bill providing for card-check recognition of unions because, they argued, workers should have the right to vote in secret-ballot elections– which, as it happens, are conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.

So we seem to have an emerging Republican consensus: No collective bargaining for public sector workers. No right to vote for union representation for private sector workers.

Coming soon to a Republican campaign near you: let’s just do away with those damn unions.

We’ve come a long way from Dwight D. Eisenhower.