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Protest against David Cameron on Saturday

There’s to be a protest this Saturday as Boris Johnson and David Cameron attend the London Region Tory Party Conference at Hammersmith Town Hall.

Hammersmith is, of course, home to the Tories favourite ideological borough which has taken to the idea of cuts with abandon. This week it perversely pushed through budget cuts of 15% that’s 3.7% higher than the cuts imposed on the borough by central government.

The protest will be meeting from 9.30 at Hammersmith Town Hall, King Street, London W6. You can show your support and get more details on the group’s Facebook page.

The protest comes in the week that legal action is being launched against library closures and as more councils announce wide ranging cuts. There were angry clashes in Lambeth forcing the council to pass budget in private and cuts announced elsewhere including Leeds and Newcastle-under-Lyme among many others.