The Major

This story leaves me speechless:

A Tory councillor who said of a job interview applicant ‘Good candidate, shame he’s black’ has kept his job despite being found guilty of making the racist slur.

John Major, 79, made the comment after interviewing Hitesh Patel for the £119,000-a-year job as chief executive of Monmouthshire County Council.

His stunned colleagues on the recruitment panel reported him and he was hauled before The Adjudication Panel for Wales.

But despite being found guilty of ‘racist, discriminatory and inappropriate’ language, the former soldier has kept his job on the council.

The adjudication panel also decided not to take action against Major for calling a tanned colleague ‘half a wog’.

Outraged equality groups said the adjudication panel should resign from their positions after the decision.

Hat tip: Graham

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