On tyrants only we’ll make war!

The Internationale is the nearest equivalent to a national anthem for Trotskyists. It is an international socialist anthem. It is sung, as an example, at the end of the SWP’s annual Marxism event by hordes of wide eyed members of the party with their fist clenched and in the air. I would not advise anyone attending Marxism to listen to this as rather than the rousing rendition that it should be, it tends to be a very lame affair. This is not least because most of the attendees do not know the words and are clearly very embarrassed about singing in public. How they expect to lead a revolution with this sort of attitude I shall never know. ¬†In any event, I digress. Below is a video of the ¬†anthem being sung complete with words:

It can clearly be noted that the second stanza contains the line “On tyrants only we’ll make war!”

Below is a picture of a tyrant:

What were they complaining about?