Why is this uprising different from all other uprisings?

For one thing a Google Inc. marketing manager, just released from 12 days in detention, has become one of its leading figures.

About 130,000 people have joined a Facebook group nominating [Wael] Ghonim to be the spokesman of their uprising. The page is called “I delegate Wael Ghonim to speak in the name of Egypt’s revolutionaries.”

In his first television interview Monday night, Ghonim dubbed the protests “the revolution of the youth of the Internet” and proclaimed defiantly: “We are not traitors.”

He arrived in the square when it was packed shoulder-to-shoulder, a crowd comparable in size to the biggest demonstration so far that drew a quarter-million people.

The turnout gave a resounding answer to the question of whether the protesters still have momentum even though two weeks of steadfast pressure have not achieved their goal of ousting Mubarak.