Do Something!

Save Our Libraries

Regular readers of my posts will realise that I am a huge fan of  libraries available for use by the public. If it were not for such places, how else would I have known that the SWP have a history of involvement in genocide denial?

This Saturday, February 5, will be Save Our Libraries Day. This is supported by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CLIP).  This organisation suggest the following activities:

Get involved using our ‘sliding scale of spare time’

Got less than 2 minutes?
Tweet why you love libraries using the hashtag #savelibraries
Post this page to your Facebook profile and spread the word

Got 2 minutes?
Visit your library website to download an ebook or use online reference resources.

5– 10 minutes?
Contact all your friends and family, ask them to join their library and use library services on the 5th. Search and reserve books through this guide to library services in England.

10 – 15 minutes?
Email or write to your local MPlocal press or Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport about the unique contribution public libraries make to society.

15 – 30 minutes?
Pop down your local library on the 5th. Borrow as many books as you can. While you are there read a newspaper, go online and find out what’s happening in your local community.

The Public Libraries News blog  have highlighted a number of libraries suffering cuts or threats of closure. They also link to other sites that detail activities that will be occurring in support of this campaign, one that I would be delighted to see many people back.