Paul Goodman on the Muslim Brotherhood

Paul Goodman has a well worth reading article on Egypt at Conservative Home. It is a proper Tory article, which quotes Burke and everything.

Paul’s subject is the need for Tories not to be inveigled into backing Islamist parties, both at home and abroad.

I hope that there is no prospect of such an outcome, but given the fact that there is a hugely motivated pro-Muslim Brotherhood alliance active in Britain, which most certainly is not confined to the Left, you can never be sure.


There is a strange comment from a man called “Henry Mayhew Cameron Supporter” who disagrees with the thesis of Paul Goodman’s article. He believes that:

There is nothing to fear in Egypt. Even if nasty religious anti-New York Zionist types do get into government there they might do a good job.

I’m not sure I quite understand the reference to these “New York Zionist types”. Surely Henry Mayhew Cameron Supporter knows that the USA is run from Washington!

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