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Labour surges ahead to a ten point lead

An Ipos-Mori poll out today gives Labour a 10 point lead. The poll for Reuters has the Tories sinking to33% (-5) as Labour pulls ahead to 43% (+4).

Bizarrely the Liberal Democrats have pulled back a little from their recent low, which saw the party fall to between 10 and 11% around the time of the Oldham and Saddleworth by-election defeat. The Lib Dems have clawed back a couple of points to 13%.

“This is the biggest Labour lead since the election that never was in September/October 2007 and significantly bigger than the leads of 4 or 5 points that YouGov, ICM, ComRes and Angus Reid have all been showing this month – note the small increase in the Lib Dem score too, something else which has been consistent across pollsters this January.”

The real figures for Labour could be even better as the poll was conducted before George Osborne blamed snow for the shrinking economy.

“Satisfaction with the government and its leaders has declined significantly since December,” Ipsos MORI’s Helen Cleary told Reuters, adding that the approval rating of Prime Minister David Cameron was at its lowest since he took office in May.