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Is the Pope Catholic?

On the evening of February  8, 2011, at the Strand Campus of King’s College London, part of the University of London, Raimond Gaita, Professor of Moral Philosophy at King’s College London and Foundation Professor of Philosophy at Australian Catholic University, will be speaking on the subject: “Is the Pope Catholic?”  As the advertising literature states: “The talk will be followed by a Question and Answer Session and subsequent small group discussions, possibly facilitated by professionals.”

Some readers might be aware  that I am in error in this post by suggesting that the title of the discussion is “Is the Pope Catholic?”  The actual title is “Does Israel have the right to Exist?” While they would be correct in noting my error, I am not sure that it is material. The event is being hosted by KCL Shalom Salaam Peace who “do not want to marginalize anyone by taking a specific political stance such as ‘Supporting the Two-State Solution.’”