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Viva Palestina Malaysia: Pro Memoria

Last week this blog covered Viva Palestina Malaysia’s publication of a vicious far right article and Lauren Booth’s visit to Kuala Lumpur this weekend to promote Viva Palestina at a fundraising event.

Booth spoke at the event alongside crazed antisemite Mahathir Mohamad, the former prime minister of Malaysia. He is a leader in the Malaysian arm of George Galloway’s Hamas support operation.

The article Viva Palestina Malaysia published was written by American far right loon Michael Collins Piper. It lauded the antisemite and promoter of Holocaust deniers Michele Renouf for her “Jews to Siberia!” campaigning. Viva Palestina Malaysia lifted the article from the website of David Duke, the former KKK grand wizard.

It appears the article has now been thrown down the memory hole. For the internet record, here is a copy.

Viva Palestina Malaysia forgot to remove this post from their Facebook wall. It names David Duke’s website as the source of the article and shows Michele Renouf.

Booth was predictably ugly at the fundraising event. According to this report, she resorted to an Israelis-are-Nazis slur, calling Gaza “the largest concentration camp in the world today”.

According to a blogger who was at the event, she also warned the whole world about the Zionist plot against it:

When asked if the attention on Gaza Strip displayed by the Zionist regime is actually a way to divert the attention of the rest of the world from the West Bank, Lauren answered that the Zionist is actually diverting the attention of the world from the whole Zionist Project itself, not only from West Bank, Gaza or even Palestine. The project involves the whole world and slowly, they are infiltrating us, and one day, when we finally realise what is happening, it might be too late.

While Mahathir chimed in with this:

“They (the Jews) have learnt nothing from their sufferings, and now they are inflicting it on others”, added Tun Dr M. 6 millions Jews killed in the Holocaust, a figure, and an event no one can ever question without being accused anti-semitic. And now, another holocaust is happening, an ethnic being cleansed, slowly but surely by the then victims.

If you like far right racists and Hamas, back Viva Palestina.