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Left-liberal La Reppublica tags Jews

Guest post by Karl Pfeifer

Decades of obsessive Israel bashing by “leftwing” media will lead to genuine anti-Semitism sooner or later. Examples: the Communist Rome daily Manifesto and the post-communist Unità.

Now the left-liberal La Reppublica follows suit.

On January 13, 2011, a report was published about an illegal transmission of 5.5 billion Euros to a Swiss bank for tax evasion. A total of 5,645 persons, families or firms were involved. A computer specialist had stolen the list from a bank and given it to the French authorities who passed it to the Italian authorities.

According to La Reppublica the prosecutor in Rome received a list of 700 individuals and 100 firms. The newspaper says many belong to the “Roman upper class”, including couturiers, jewelers, internationally-known scientists and wives of industrialists, and lists the names by profession or wealth. But the newspaper also considered it appropriate to identify three names as “families with Jewish names.” (A quick search on the Internet reveals that other media– for instance the liberal Corriere della Sera— did not tag any “Jewish” names.)