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Scottish Far Left Further Beclowned

Not content with picking (and eventually losing) a fight with the News of the World it seems the defeated Sheridan camp has decided the time for licking wounds has passed and it’s time to declare war on former ally George Galloway. According to the BBC:

The wife of disgraced politician Tommy Sheridan, who is due to be sentenced for perjury, plans to stand for her husband’s Solidarity party in May.

So what? Well the trouble is is that she’s got her eye on the Glasgow constituency. Galloway, having failed to win a parliamentary seat in London in the 2010 election, has long coveted that particular Scottish seat himself.

“I’m, to be honest, a little bit hurt and disappointed by it,” he said. “To do something like this without even a text message to say he was about to do it, it’s a bit dispiriting.”

Galloway also rushed to distance himself from the tainted Trots today:

“I’m a Labour man and they’re more of a far-left crew, but most importantly if Gail Sheridan runs as my number two my election campaign will become a referendum about Tommy Sheridan, about his trials and tribulations – and I really don’t want that.”

Oh dear. How much lower can the Sheridan brand sink if it’s already being given the body swerve by an employee of the Iranian State who thought nothing of prostrating himself in front of the butcher of Baghdad?