Wikileaks Gatekeeper “Israel Shamir” Publishes Unredacted Cables in Counterpunch

by Joseph W

I am unwilling to provide links in this post, as I am not comfortable with linking to unredacted cables.

Nevertheless we see yet another worrying development in the ongoing story of Wikileaks’ relationship with gas-chamber denier” Israel Shamir”.

Wikileaks’ Israel Shamir, who has in his possession all of Wikileaks’ unredacted cables, has written a polemic in Counterpunch against the Guardian’s editorial policy. He claims that the Guardian is redacting Wikileaks cables for political reasons. Yet the Guardian’s redacted cables match the cables you can already read on Wikileaks.ch.

Nevertheless, Shamir has posted full, unredacted cables in Counterpunch relating to Kazahkhstan and Uzbekistan. Counterpunch is a “radical journal” that is heavy on conspiracy theories about Zionism and American government.

In possession of unredacted cables, Shamir travelled to Minsk, 19th December 2010. On the day of the Belarus “elections”, Shamir met with the head of Lukashenko’s presidential administration and promised that Wikileaks would reveal a “Belarus dossier” to expose Belarussian opposition figures who have allegedly taken money from the USA. Days later, Lukashenko promised to reveal his own Wikileaks to the world.

Now Shamir is publishing unredacted cables in Counterpunch.

Bona-fide journalists covering this story who are interested in the relevant links and further information are welcome to contact me: critileaks AT gmail DOT com

Update: See FastCompany – Unredacted WikiLeaks Cables Leaked to Internet