US “Death Penalty” extradition fears

Swedish activists and human rights campaigners will be gearing up to defend a well-known media personality who may be facing extradition to the United States – and the death penalty.

According to the BBC:

Jonas Erik Altberg, 26, appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court over allegations he attacked the pair at Kitty’s nightclub in the Fife town… He is alleged to have grabbed one girl by the hair and pushed her head towards his groin. A second charge alleges that he grabbed another girl, pushed her towards his groin, then bent her over. He is further accused of pulling up the girl’s dress inside the nightclub.

Altberg, a Swedish national also known as the pop star ‘Basshunter’ will have to return to a British court in May to face these charges.

In a mirror-image case, a well-known media personality currently in Britain is required to appear in a Swedish court on similar charges of sexual misconduct.

His lawyers are fighting extradition on the grounds that answering these charges may lead to their client being rendered to the United States and executed. Legal observers are divided over whether this defence, if successful, would set a precedent.

Mr Altberg’s defence team, we are sure, will be watching with great interest.

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