Human Rights,  Hypocrites

Amnesty at 50

The only thing which saves me from turning into Mark Corrigan of Peep Show is that I prefer Radio3 to Radio4.  At this moment, however, I am listening to the latter because the former has some caterwauling from Rodgers and Hammerstein.

It is Amnesty at 50 with John Tusa and available on Listen Again for seven days after transmission.  As I type at about 20 minutes in, Gita Sahgal is explaining the self-inflicted wound of seeking a perfect victim through Moazzam Begg.

I am rather afraid that the next speaker is going to be an Amnesty International vanguard, so have now re-tuned – well, I say, “re-tuned” but I mean turned-over through my televisual device which, as David Blunkett says, confounds blind listeners – to Mary-Ann Kennedy’s Global Gathering (also available on Listen Again) on Radio Scotland.

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