Postman Pat-hetic

Employment news from the BBC:

A man jailed for killing his married lover is to take his former employers to tribunal after he was sacked following his conviction.

Roger Kearney, 57, was found guilty of killing Paula Poolton and hiding her body in the boot of her car near Swanwick station in Hampshire in 2008.

He claims he was unfairly dismissed from his postman job. The case will be heard in Reading on Thursday.

Royal Mail said his dismissal was in line with its procedures.

Is this really serious?

There may have been a surplus of politically correct insanity for some time, but there is certainly no surplus of resources in these cash-strapped times. Why is time being wasted on even giving this idiot a hearing? Why is money being squandered humouring this madness.

What is the basis of his case? Is it that he will be unable to perform his duties as a postman for at least 15 years due to circumstances beyond his control and that Royal Mail should thus reserve his job for him?

Perhaps he thinks criminal convictions should be treated like a sort of extened maternity leave or that an employee must have the right to take a leave of absence to recover from nervous exhaustion or, if they prefer, to serve a jail term.

Let’s hope the legal arguments are at least entertaining.

Alec adds – during another car boot murder, in May 2008 family annihilator  Ashok Kalyanjee placed the bodies of his two young sons in his Mercedes before attempting to set fire to it near Lennoxtown, Scotland.  After being gaoled for life, he claimed back a rebate on his car insurance as it had been off-the-road (impounded by Police).

The money was used to buy Mars bars and for gambling.

At HMP Shotts, he has struck-up friendships with fellow murderers Juan Carlos Crispin and Paolo Parracho.  Perhaps he should meet-up with John Hirst.