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Coalition Cuts: The Independent Living Fund

Although the cuts in Higher Education are dominating the headlines, it’s important not to forget other targets.  It was recently announced that the Independent Living Fund will be shut down from 2015.  The ILF helps severely disabled people to pay for services which help them live independently at home.  Grants average £300 per week.  Labour Peer Lord Morris  has pointed out that the removal of this funding will lead to many people having to move in to care homes, thus costing the taxpayer more money, as well as having an extremely negative impact on the quality of life of many disabled people.

Those living in such care homes have already been hit by news of another cut, to the Disability Mobility Allowance.    The loss of this funding will prevent many people from accessing the specialised transport which enables them to shop, study, visit libraries and cinemas, and see their friends.   Grants average just £30 per week, yet massively enhance the quality of life for thousands of people.