Dress Down Friday

Protesting the Death Penalty In Denmark

Not exactly Vredens Dag, but a Danish pastor has entered into the spirit of Easter by executing a symbol of sin to save Xmas. Jon Knudsen of the Løkken Free Church in Jutland considers elves at Xmas to be “comparable to decorating with Nazi flags”, and described elves of all sorts as “poltergeists that come from the devil and make children sick”.

To demonstrate this, he hanged a toy elf outside his church and hung around its stretched neck a sign reading “we reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises”.

Anti-death penalty campaigners have taken the hapless elf in protective custody: no doubt it still was living, on account of not having a spinal column which would have been snapped by the hanging.

Knudsen reported this theft to the Police, only to receive a similar response as delivered to a British woman who reported a stolen snowman.

It makes you wonder what he will do at Easter. This story is more disturbing than that Bugs Bunny cartoon.