More Left Wing Feminists Speak Out On Assange

The next offering from the Sisterhood comes from The South African Civil Society Information Service:

A nonprofit news agency promoting social justice. Seeking answers to the question: How do we make democracy work for the poor?

Fazila Farouk, its executive director, knows what she thinks of Assange:

In the social justice universe, Julian Assange is a rock star. You know what I mean. Every profession has its rock stars. There are lawyer rock stars, doctor rock stars, engineer rock stars…I’m not so sure about accountant rock stars, but I think you get my drift.

There’s a certain kind of man that is great looking, has a cavalier confidence, superior intellect and is supremely successful in his career. Said man is also followed by a long line of women who succumb to groupie madness in his presence.

Actually, James Bond also comes to mind, but he’s a secret government agent, which is quite the antithesis of Assange. Still, you wouldn’t find James Bond being arrested for having spur-of-the-moment sex and we all know that the nature of his job requires a certain level of spontaneity.

Even real rock stars like Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at the peak of their promiscuous careers were not arrested for risky sexual behaviour. Not just was their promiscuity tolerated, sadly, it was even celebrated.

Assange, however, will not be let off the hook that easily for his sexual indiscretions. For Assange finds himself in the debatably enviable position of being David in a face off against Goliath.

His organisation, WikiLeaks, the online whistle blowing website recently dumped 250,000 secret diplomatic cables on the World Wide Web. It’s an exposé that was pulled off by collaboration between WikiLeaks and four major newspapers, including the New York Times in the US and the Guardian in the UK. This latest exposé is of embarrassing diplomatic gossip, mostly involving the candid comments of American diplomats spying on everyone else in the world.

Assange is being made to pay heavily for this defiant yet brave act.

Assange can be described as daring, edgy, immensely intelligent, enormously successful at what he does and resultantly, perhaps a little too smart-alecky for his own good. But he is rooting for the right cause and for many people Assange is a hero, a real people’s hero.

The story of his life and work would in all probability script very well for a Hollywood thriller, where to re-state the obvious; he’d be cast as the good guy.

So, without having to stretch my imagination too far, I can certainly see how women might be afflicted by groupie mania in his company (as one of his accusers has admitted to), and I am therefore unsurprised that he managed to bed two women in the course of four days – which sadly brings me to his untimely arrest on allegations of rape.

Yeah. Groupie Slags.