Andrew Sibley: Carmel Fires “A Sign of Elijah”

Guest post by Joseph W

Kawther Salam writes for the Palestine Think Tank that “God’s anger burns in Israel”:

As reported by the media, many nations ran to offer help to extinguish the fires which were lit by god’s anger and by the incompetence and irresponsibility bordering on the criminal of Israel. Once again the world fell for the pity ploy of these psychopaths and is helping them extinguish fires which probably resulted from military exercises in preparation for their next atrocity. When will the world learn to stop giving these criminals a pass? Were 150 million dead at the hands of the Bolshevik jews not enough for Russia? Were the horrors of the civil war with its millions of dead, instigated by Bolshevik jewish elements, not enough for Spain? Are the 120 years of atrocities perpetrated against us Palestinians not enough for the world? What will be needed for the world to see that Israel and all those who support her are to be avoided, frozen out, let to their own devices and to the will of God?

Sadly, there are many people trying to tie an accidental fire likely started by mischievous teenagers to God’s divine judgement on the uniquely wicked children of Israel.

Christian writer Andrew Sibley recently wrote a book on Israel with a forward from Stephen Sizer, Zion’s New Name. He too feels the need to comment on the Carmel Fires, claiming that they are “a sign of Elijah.”

He comments on a blog:

It is of course tragic that people died in this fire and no one should rejoice at the deaths of anyone. But is there a place for seeing this as a ‘sign of Elijah.’ ?

As you know Elijah called fire down from heaven in challenge to Ahab’s priests of Baal – on Mt Carmel.


Following Sibley’s links, we find an article from the website of another Christian anti-Zionist, Dr Stephen E. Jones. In the article we read:

For many years we have been expecting this Elijah Showdown sign. Years ago we thought it would come to northern Minnesota after the great blowdown of 23 million trees. That was a fire disaster just waiting for a lightning strike. But it never happened.

Since September of 2007, when we first received revelation of the coming of the time of Elijah, we have wondered about the time of the Showdown in 1 Kings 18. “The God who answers by fire, let Him be God” (18:24).

So it has finally come, and it is at the same location where Elijah met with the prophets of King Ahab (1 Kings 18:20).

We will have to watch this situation closely, because it is no doubt related to the revelation of “San Francisco on Fire” and the fact that we are expecting to see the fire of God (baptism of fire) come in a big way soon.

It may also be relevant that this was Elijah’s last major ministry work before turning it over to Elisha for the double portion to be worked out.

The revelation of “San Francisco on Fire” is a specific event that took place in Dr Jones’ life:

Three of us made a scouting trip into San Francisco on July 12, 2000 after receiving the revelation of Luke 3:16 and 17, “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.” We were led to go to Fifth Street, where the Father told us that we would see a sign. It turned out to be a very literal sign (banner) held by two young ladies, which read, “San Francisco on Fire.” It was a sign of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the “fire” of God.

So for Christian anti-Zionists like Sibley and Jones, the Carmel fires are possible precursor to a Pentecostal revival in America.

The other link Sibley provides leads us to the website of Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon, via Dr Jones, and a piece entitled “Ein Hod and the Israeli Sin“.

Here we read:

In the fifties, a group of Jewish artists decided to make Ein Hod into their home. They built studios and workshops. Ein Hod is the only artists’ village in Israel, one of the few in the world. Israel and Israelis are very proud of their artists’ colony. Israelis are totally devastated by the impact of the fire on their beloved artist village.

Yet, there is something Israelis may prefer to hide. Ein Hod’s new artistic habitants are far from being innocent. Ein Hod is in factAyn Aawd, a 1948 ethnically cleansed Palestinian village. Unlike very many other Palestinian villages Ayn Awad was not destroyed.  Though its habitants were brutally expelled, most of the houses remained intact. The Israeli Artists, are basically a bunch of plunderers. They also turned the village mosque into a restaurant/bar, the “Bonanza”. It is obviously clear that the Israeli artist community participated actively in the Zionist crime.

Are the children of 1948 uniquely sinful? There are plenty of horrific stories from 1948, but anything bad that happens to Israelis is not because some of their forefathers committed atrocities and Palestinians were victims, any more than anything bad that happens to Arab Muslims is because of the Jewish refugees of 1948.

It is revealing – but not surprising – that Christian anti-Zionists are tempted to turn towards fringe theories in order to understand why bad things happen in Israel.

But saying that Israel is being judged by God via the Carmel fires and the deaths of 42 people?

It is like saying Britain is being judged by God via the cold snap and the deaths of 13 people so far.