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The Minimum Wage, and Another Abandoned LibDem Manifesto Point

As a bunch of useless gobshites suggest that one way to respond to the financial crash caused by the profligacy of their country’s banks is to reduce the minimum wage for the bank cleaners and increase VAT, the British minimum wage has been declared best Government policy of the past 30 years by the Political Studies Association.

Some have said that Nick Clegg has become little more than David Cameron’s batman, but he can boast that the calming influence of Liberalism persuaded Cameron to keep the planned 2010 raises in the minimum wage; making a change from when his Party would have opposed its implementation 1999.

Now, 16 to 17 year olds can expect a minimum wage of £3.64, 18 to 21 year olds one of £4.92, rising to £5.93 at 22 years.

Just think, though: had the LibDems won the election outright, they could have kept their manifesto promise to introduce parity for all non-apprentices aged 16 and above.