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Colonel Gaddafi: Nutter

The Daily Telegraph reports on the five-fold increase in illegal immigration to the EU along the Greece/Turkey border.  Although not quite on the level of the Bronze Age Collapse, as some of the more excitable occupants of the Promethean bear-pit which is Harry’s Place comments-boxes will doubtless insist, it has been the only increase in such entries across the EU (including Greece’s islands, and her border with Albania).

The popularity of this route is attributed to relatively little will on the Turkish authorities’ part to halt their initial entry into their county, or accept back those returned from Greece; and now represents between 80 and 90% of all illegal immigrants to the EU, most of whom are expected to disperse through the member States.

This would belie Colonel Gaddafi’s  apparent belief that the greater part of such entries to the EU is via sea routes from North Africa.  Furthermore, he is demanding that that “White Christian Europe” should provide more money to African States (oil-rich or otherwise) to prevent her becoming “Black”.

One need not ask for the spelling of his name from Leo McGarry to know he is a nutter.