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Hot off the press: unlocked copy of Lambert’s Islamophobia report

This is a guest-post by Rayyan.

Earlier this morning the gorgeous Lucy Lips reported on a new publication called ‘Islamophobia and Anti Muslim Hate Crime’ produced by the Muslim Brotherhood’s think-tank at Exeter University.

Unfortunately, those of you wanting to read Bob Lambert and Githens-Mazer’s latest exercise in intellectual onanism would find it rather difficult. You see, someone deliberately set the security settings so high on the document that it couldn’t be printed. The text couldn’t be cut and paste.

In fact, just about every security setting possible was applied. Which is kind of strange – you’d think the authors would want us all to read their sterling work.

Inspired by the post-wikileaks world of absolute transparency we have unlocked the report for you. Feel free to download it here (pdf).

You can now print the file, and copy and paste to your heart’s content.

Update: Jonathan Githens-Mazer holds his hands up, ‘you got me guys!’

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