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In showbiz news…

Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol, America’s most famous unwed formerly-teenage mom (she recently turned 20), came in third on TV’s “Dancing with the Stars” competition, despite the effort of some rightwing bloggers to push her to the top.

The winner was Jennifer Grey, best known for her role in the movie “Dirty Dancing,” in which she appeared with the late Patrick Swayze.

Bristol had made it to the finals with the help of conservative bloggers and Web sites that turned the retro cheesetastic dance competition into a political referendum.

“Are you planning on hosting a Team Bristol Monday Night Dancing Watch party?” conservative blogger Kevin DuJan asked on his blog before the Monday show. “You … can actually vote together and send Bristol over the top … while sending Leftist heads into meltdown.”

On the other side of the political spectrum, the liberal Web site Network for Progress urged people to get out the vote for Jennifer.

“Fight back against the Tea Party … because they may make our news and elections into a joke but we need to draw a line at our reality competitions!” the Web site said in an e-mail, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. “Join Network For Progress as we come together to raise awareness about one of the biggest threats America faces today … Bristol Palin winning Dancing with the Stars.

“Don’t even do it for your friends or family. Don’t even do it because you hate Sarah Palin. Do it for Patrick Swayze. Rest his Soul,” Network for Progress said.

In other news, Bristol’s mom’s “reality” TV show, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” lost 40 percent of its viewers since its premiere.