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Strathclyde Police Will Not Pin This On a Local Dumpling

This is a cross-post from A Rabbit’s Eye-View of the Hyperborean North.

A joke which will make absolutely no sense to anyone not familiar with north-eastern West Dunbartonshire (and unlikely to result in a laugh from those who are).

Initial reports of an unexplained explosion this week in Garadhban Forest by Gartocharn near Loch Lomond were met with no-mean bemusement that this minor village between the heaving metropolises of Balloch and Drymen could be the scene of a terrorist training camp or arms dump.

It has, however, happened before. Those convicted of the attempted 2007 car-bombing of Glasgow Airport has used this area because of its seclusion and blindness to mobile phone signals. So, if jacobite jihadist involvement is shown, expect Alex Salmond to bluster that those responsible must have come from outside.

Or, conceivably, it could be renegade Irish Republicans. Even better-than-average organized neo-Nazis. Animal rightists appears to have been removed from the rich gumbo which is the terrorism in Britain community.

Or an entirely innocent explanation.