Protesting Galloway in Toronto

CTV reports:

Protesters at York University tried to shout down George Galloway, a U.K. firebrand once barred from Canada, as the former British MP kicked off a 10-city Canadian tour.

A large group holding placards and waving the flag of Israel chanted and shouted in the foyer of a campus auditorium as Galloway, a pro-Palestinian politician previously denied entry to Canada for supporting Hamas, spoke to a capacity crowd of several hundred.

York University security guards stood among the protesters, while Toronto police guarded the auditorium entrance.

“Go away Galloway,” read one placard. “No intimidation on my campus,” read another.

Galloway, who hinted he would seek a return to parliament in next year’s British election, was denied entry into Canada last year after donating $40,000 to the Palestinian group Hamas. Canada considers Hamas a terrorist organization.

Gee, and all I did was hand out leaflets.