Neo-Fascists Teaching In Top Spanish University

This article by Eamonn McDonagh is crossposted from Z Word

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) has the reputation of being one of the finest universities in Spain. It is financed by the state and it certainly has an original policy regarding the hiring of teaching staff. From February to June this year it allowed Juan Antonio Aguilar and Jesús Palacios to teach  a course in its  Faculty of Political Science  and Sociology.

What’s so unusual about that? They are both neo-fascists.  Aguilar has a long track record of involvement with the ultra-right. In the 1980s he helped found the Bases Autónomas neo-Nazi movement, was later a member of the Falange and until 2006 he was a leader of the neo-fascist MSR. None of this impeded his being hired to teach a course in criminology by the Department of Social Psychology. Jesús Palacios was a prominent member of the neo-Nazi and Holocaust denying CEDADE outfit and that didn’t stop him from being hired either.

They appear to have used this platform, kindly provided for them by the Spanish state, to express support for a range of conspiracy theories regarding 9/11, ETA, Israel and Lebanon, expound on the mastery of Josef Goebbels as a propagandist  and, of course, to express  their passionate opposition to Zionism.

Full details of the course on the Complutense University website here. Other sources here and here. And a brief note to our friends at Greens Engage. The MSR website is crowing about a member of  a Green party in Aragón having  joined them.