Anti Muslim Bigotry

“Christian Zionist” group seeks to block Tennessee mosque

A “Christian Zionist” group, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, is funding a lawsuit to block the construction of a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee– which, as you may recall, is a full 750 miles from Ground Zero.

The lawsuit alleges that officials in Rutherford County violated its open meeting laws when approving an expansion of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The plaintiffs, however, have spent much of their time in court arguing that Islam is not a religion.

Hiring legal representation is not PJTN’s only connection to the lawsuit. The group has been active in Murfreesboro, holding events at the homes of mosque opponents and selling copies of its movies. As noted by the Murfreesboro Post, at least two of the plaintiffs’ witnesses — witnesses who testified that teaching from the Koran is “breaking the law” and that approving the mosque would lead to future “dangers” — have attended these events and given money to PJTN.

The group, which is based in Tennessee, is run by Laurie Cardoza-Moore. Cardoza-Moore believes, among other things, that nearly all Muslims — including those in middle Tennessee — follow a strict interpretation of the Koran: beating their wives, marrying children and killing dishonorable family members.

“Do I believe that Muslims subscribe to those things? If they are good Muslims, they will adhere to the Koran’s teachings. Do I believe it’s happening here? Yes,” she told TPMmuckraker.

True friends of Israel– an Israel which promises, in its Declaration of Statehood, freedom of religion for its Jewish, Muslim and Christian inhabitants and safeguarding of the Holy Places of all religions– can do without the support of such “Zionists.”

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