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Paul Mason on the picket line

This is a cross post by MoreMediaNonsense

The BBC journalists strike (which has had very little effect on anyone apart from Today and Newsnight addicts) is about how one BBC union (the NUJ) is still holding out against pension reform that all the other unions have accepted.

Who is the right person to stand up for the striking workers ? Step forward Paul Mason, Newsnight economics editor and SWP poster boy;. See here :

Paul Mason, Newsnight’s economics editor and union FoC for the show, criticised the BBC for “systematically disparaging their own work force”. Mason suggested another solution to the pension dispute would be for the BBC to sell assets, securitise them, or spend less on programmes.

“We’re sorry to the British public, who have to rely on Rupert Murdoch and Richard Desmond [for their news today],” he said.

That’s right – to save the pension pots of its employees the BBC should spend less on programmes. A typical loony far Left view of public spending

Not all the workers unions agree with militant FoC Mason :

He [Mark Thompson] pointed out that only the NUJ, out of five BBC unions, had rejected the revised pension offer and said its members only made up a “very small percentage” – 17% – of the corporation’s total workforce.

Mason is a far Leftist with connections to extremist idiot Left sects like the SWP and Workers Power – but no one seems particularly bothered.

Now if the BBC had a BNP supporter as its “Diversity and Communities” editor, for example, questions might well be raised – probably by the NUJ itself. But it seems far-Left supporters are just “cuddly Trots” as far as most of the media is concerned.

How and why is that still the case ?