Pierre Galand, the Law Society and a “normal market transaction”

Pierre Galand is another speaker at the Russell Tribunal’s upcoming show trial of Israel. It will bring together fanatical haters of the Jewish state, racists, supporters of terrorism and conspiracy freaks.

Galand is a Belgian politician and activist. This paragraph is typical of his politics. It is taken from a statement issued by a conference in 2006 in Beirut. The aim of the conference was deeper convergence between the western far left and jihadis in the Middle East.

The conference in Beirut adopted eventually a clear position for support to the resistance movements in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, without distinction. A position which was echoed on the closing meeting by the Belgian senator of the Socialist Party, and member of the BRussells Tribunal Advisory Committee, Pierre Galand, who had been invited as a speaker. He called Israel “a danger for world peace” and said that resistance is a fundamental right, just like it was the case with the resistance against the apartheid in South Africa. “the resistance movements are entirely legitimate”, emphasised Galand.

In other words, Galand and his foul fellows in Beirut wanted British soldiers in Iraq – among so many other victims of the jihadis – dead.

The show trial meetings will be held at Amnesty International’s Human Rights Action Centre and the Law Society in London.

For the Law Society, Galand and other haters speaking in their building is simply not a problem. Here is another letter from Desmond Hudson, its chief executive, reiterating the Society’s last “extremists in our building? who cares” message.


4 November 2010

Dear Mr Hoffman

Thank you for your further message of 3 November 2010.

As I sought to explain, our first response was intended to respond to the inaccurate accusations made against the Society in the blog hosted by the Jewish Chronicle.

The Law Society cannot fairly said to be hosting the event in any respect. I also note that the Tribunal’s website is very low key about the venue and any link with the Law Society.

The Law Society has entered into a normal market transaction. This is not, however, simply a matter of money. There is no reason for the Society not to accept a booking such as this and the Society must exercise caution in entering into normal market transactions, treating all potential renters consistently and fairly. Whilst many individuals may disagree with the pronouncements that may emerge from the event, this is a lawful organisation arranging a private event.

Whilst of course I recognise that you will not regard this as satisfactory, and I am disappointed that you are offended by this, I do not believe that the Society has grounds to cancel or reject bookings such as this. In the circumstances I am not sure that either of us will mutually benefit from further correspondence on this point.

Yours faithfully

Desmond Hudson
Chief Executive


The BNP and the EDL should seek to enter into “normal market transactions” with the Law Society for their own London events. After all, they are “lawful organisations” and “the Society must exercise caution in entering into normal market transactions, treating all potential renters consistently and fairly”.