Booth to Sue, Ashtiani to Hang

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s propaganda station, Press TV has the news:

Booth sues al Arabya for sarcastic report

Lauren Booth, the former British Prime Minister’s sister in law, has expressed her dissatisfaction with al Arabya for the sarcastic way it reported her conversion to Islam.

“Is this the way you are welcomed by the Arab station Binsanp converted to Islam just,” said Booth, adding that she would contact her lawyer to take legal action against the channel which described her conversion as “sarcastic.”

Yes, I don’t understand it either.

Neither does she make much more sense, in the two page article which the Guardian (who else?) has hired her to write:

On a final note I’d like to offer a quick translation between Muslim culture and media culture that may help take the sting of shock out of my change of life for some of you.

When Muslims on the BBC News are shown shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” at some clear, Middle Eastern sky, we westerners have been trained to hear: “We hate you all in your British sitting rooms, and are on our way to blow ourselves up in Lidl when you are buying your weekly groceries.”

In fact, what we Muslims are saying is “God is Great!”, and we’re taking comfort in our grief after non-Muslim nations have attacked our villages. Normally, this phrase proclaims our wish to live in peace with our neighbours, our God, our fellow humans, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Or, failing that, in the current climate, just to be left to live in peace would be nice.

Back in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Lauren Booth’s employer is preparing to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani on trumped up charges, having retreated from their initial plan to stone her to death for adultery.

I wonder if her executioners will shout “Allah Akbhar” as they pull the lever.

PS: Booth informs us that she has now read from page 60 to page 200 of the Quran. Well done her.


Long and revealing Daily Mail interview with Lauren’s dad, Tony Booth here:

‘Am I ashamed of her? Yes, I am. I used to just feel sorry for her and guilty for what part I might have played in making her the way she is,’ he says.

‘But in my opinion she crossed a line quite a while ago and there’s no going back. It is time for her to grow up and stop playing the victim. She’s 43 for goodness sake.’

He also confirms that Lauren Booth was born Jewish, according to the orthodox Jewish definition of status.