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Axe Murderer Celebrates Right Of “Murderers, Rapists, Paedophiles” To Vote

The Daily Telegraph reports:

John Hirst, who hacked his landlady to death with an axe, said he was celebrating “for the 75,000 prisoners who will be getting the vote – that includes murderers, rapists, paedophiles.”

He waved his glass around before taking a long drag on a joint, and laughed: “It will bloody kill me that.”

On his four minute long “home video”, Hirst said: “I’ve got the joint, I’m going to celebrate. I’ve got the bottle of Champagne and I’m going to celebrate because last night it was announced in the Daily Telegraph that prisoners have got the vote which I am really chuffed about.

“Finally won out. I’m now going to celebrate for the 75,000 prisoners who will be getting the vote – that includes murderers, rapists, paedophiles, all of them will be getting the vote because it’s their human right to have the vote.

You can’t start moralising and say which ones can and can’t have the vote.”
He then pops the Champagne and says “Cheers!” before adding: “I’ve not to get too drunk as I’ll be doing the Today show later on.”

He then lights a joint, adding: “and this is courtesy of the local drug dealer” and starts singing “I shot the sheriff.”

Taking a long drag he adds: “It will bloody kill me that.” Before laughing and waving his glass of Champagne around.

In his YouTube clip, Hirst taunts the former Labour Lord Chancellor.

He says: “I don’t think the taxpayers are going to be too chuffed that the Government’s left them with a £135 million bill…Foolish of Charles Falconer not to be able to read a judgment…here’s one up you Charles with your public school education; Queen’s College, Cambridge, QC, Lord Chancellor and you can’t even read a judgment.”

Here is John Hirst’s blog.


Here is an instructive interview with the criminal, Hirst, and with the daughter of the woman he killed.

A very evil man.

Also, watch the interview with Andrew Neil. Revolting.

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